Sunday, 31 August 2008

First date

Hello iv just got home i was talking to 2 men yesterday and i decided to meet up with john from liverpool who was a member of the real sex partners club that joined.
I met him at the local bus staion not the pub because i already have a bad enough reputation by ours anyway.
i was dressed in a short denim skirt white blouse and high heels ,when he pulled he got out and we chatted for about 5 mins and i decided to go with him for a drink.
We drove the 20 mins into liverpool just chatting everyday shit ,but then he asked why such a nice looking girl had to use dating sites and i explained to him about my bad reputation but also my bad need for different men all the time,to cut a long story short i sucked him off in the car before we got into liverpool then he fucked me like mad for a couple of hours then we went for a drink and then back to his flat for more fucking i let him do what ever he wanted with me because i lke to feel like the tramp i know i am ,my bum is still sore!
Anyway i am now home and about to log into the site and find myself another man for in the week maybe but definatley the weekend ,iv already rubbed my self off sitting here writing about this ,i never knew talking like this could be such a turn on ,
bye for now im off to find my next victim lol


Saturday, 30 August 2008

Hello again i joined up with the site that johndvs523 who commented on my blog mentioned its called real sex partners ,
iv been chatting to a couple of men one liverpool and one from manchster,i never thought that i could get so turned on tapping a few keys, im trying to decide who to meet but im not sure wether to or not as you hear of so many nut jobs on the internet,any way i think il just chat to them a bit more and see where it goes
bye for now

Day 1

Hello just in case any one reads this ,I cant be bothered giving anyone who might be reading this a full explanation of who i am because im just writing this to see if it helps me get this shit out of my head ,
i just think i must have been born with something wrong with me , i feel that if everyone knew what i am really like i would be branded a slut ,which i probably am but i dont want everyone to know.
I work in an office i am 28 and i dont meen to be to up myself but i am quite fit but i just cant seem to control myself when it comes to men and i am starting to get a bad reputation in the town im from,its qute a small town and there is no way im sayin.
So i have decided to try and have a go at online dating ,the last man i eas with on sunday...tony got me on to this cos i asked him to show how to use my new free laptop thati got with my phone.
Hey this is alright i feel a bit better already its like free counselling anyway im off to try the first site i come accross and i might write some more soon if i feel the need,you never know maybe the next man will last more than 1 night, so thank you fingers, thank you brain youv been a good listener